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Bubbles Shooter


In this level-based game your skills will be tested with every bubble shot. The more you progress the more difficult it will become. And more fun, for that matter.

Classic level-based Bubble Strategy

In Bubbles Shooter you will face level after level with a really classic approach. No fancy power-ups, no bombs or explosions. Just a lot of bubbles and your skills. If the wall of bubbles comes too far down and crosses the red line the game is over. With its smooth gameplay and a pretty high amount of bubbles in each level this game is definitely not among the easiest bubble shot games. However you will grow with each level and learn how to play strategically.

A few Tips and Tricks

There are a few functions that will help you reach your goal, though. For example you can always switch the bubble that is currently mounted to your little cannon with the one displayed on the right. It might be a color you can better use at that moment.

Another gauge you should always keep an eye on is the one on the lower left. As the main goal is to match same-colored bubbles this game will punish you for too many ineffective bubble shots. This gauge always displays how many bubble shots you have left until you get a penalty. This penalty will happen in the form of new bubbles that will appear on top of the screen and pushing the whole playing field down into your direction.

Remember: don't let the bubbles cross the red line. This game rewards strategic thinking and a thoughtful approach. Plan ahead, switch your bubble if you can't put the current color to good use and try to be as efficient as possible. It is a tactical game after all, even if the only enemy here is your personal skill. Or the lack thereof. But as it is the case with almost every bubble shooter on the market, it is practice that will make you a better player. You will acquire a sense of how this game reacts, how you can remove bigger clusters instead of only three bubbles at a time and how to use the lowest amount of shots to clear the field.

Bubble Shot Screenshot Bubble Shot Screenshot

Play directly in your Browser

Bubbles Shooter is another worthy entrance in this Top 10 list and is directly playable in your browser on any iOS or Android phone. Play anywhere and anytime with this great little casual gaming treasure.

This game is the perfect title for everyone who loves classic bubble shooter gameplay without too much odds and ends. It's just you and your skills. You could even call it Retro since it clearly borrows from the original Puzzle Bobble game. We would rather call it one of the best old school games out there.

If you prefer to download an app and play offline whenever you want we would recommend to check out Smarty Bubbles. It's number one on our list and is among the most played bubble shooter games in the world.


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