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Candy Bubble


Candy Bubble may be the sweetest thing you have ever played and although you think you could get Diabetes just by looking at it, we promise it doesn’t have any calories. Download Candy Bubble Shooter free or play it directly in your browser.

Play Candy Bubble on Android and iOS

This is a match 3 game for iOS and Android with 1000 levels full of sweet plopping action and colorful puzzle fun. With fantastic graphics and mesmerizing music it will draw you into a peaceful world where everything is made out of candy. And let's all agree that this is the best kind of world!

If you want to beat all of the 1000 levels the game has to offer it will take you a while. Which doesn't matter at all since you will be having a blast completing level after level and hunting for those infamous three stars in each of them. You have only really completed this game 100% if you have collected ALL the stars. Good luck!

Candy Bubble Screenshot Candy Bubble Screenshot

A Top 10 Bubble Shooter Game

All you have to do is to match at least 3 candy bubbles of the same color in order to remove them from the screen. This is the classic Connect 3 gameplay that you know from other similar apps. The bigger clusters you can burst at once the more sweet bonus points you will earn. And since your number of shots is limited, you should try to achieve each level’s goal as quickly as possible. Earn all three stars in each level to become the Candy Master. This skill game will challenge your quick thinking just as much as your aiming accuracy. You might also enjoy Smarty Bubbles, if you like a more classic approach to the genre.

Free App Download

If you prefer to have the game installed on your phone or tablet, you can download Candy Bubble Shooter free in the App Store or Google Play Store and play it offline. Which means you could even play this game if you became stranded on a deserted island without any signs of civilization and internet. We don't hope for that, but it would be possible! You can also play this game directly in your browser without installing anything.

But it doesn't matter where you play it, this game will entertain you for days or even weeks. And even though this game might look a little girly, the core gameplay is perfectly suited for basically everyone. It is challenging, fun and offers a lot of content. And of course it's completely free!

If you prefer another unique approach to this genre go ahead and try Bubble Spirit, also on our Top 10 list. It's level based just as Candy Bubble, but with a nice twist. Checkt it out.


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