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Orange Ranch


Another wonderful game and therefore very welcome in this list of Top 10 Bubble Pop games is Orange Ranch. Just in case you don’t know where Oranges come from or how they are farmed: this game will not tell you anything about it. Although it might be fun to harvest them this way.

Become an orange farmer

But nevertheless in this free bubble pop game you are assigned one clear goal: harvest the oranges in the trees by strategically shooting bubbles and releasing the fruits. That earns you money, because you can sell the oranges now. The more you harvest, the more coins you can earn. And that’s necessary, because with these coins you are able to plant bigger trees for more oranges and upgrade your sales stand as well. You can even buy a juice squeezer. You’re growing your own little orange empire here.

Bubble pop portrait Bubble pop portrait

A very unique meta game included

Why is this game among the Top 10 bubble shooters? Because it features lots of different levels, a unique meta-level game as an orange farmer and above all wonderful gameplay with cool mechanics and power-ups. Like for any other bubble pop title in this list the first and most important factor is the gameplay itself. And it works brilliantly. Shooting bubbles is a breeze and if you feel the need to start your own orange ranch and become a farmer we can't blame you. But the meta game as an orange farmer brings a whole new level of content to this gaming genre. The better you play the more orange trees you can plant and the more money you can earn. If orange farming was this fun in real life this would be every kids dream job!

Being one of the more sophisticated bubble shooters on the list, Orange Ranch will immerse you through its motivating meta management game. It's a perfect combination of old school bubble shooter virtues with a unique modern twist.

The core mechanic and motivating part of this game of course still is the classic bubble pop formula. It is as easy to understand as it is motivating to improve your skills. While the orange farming part gives you a purpose to clear each level the most effective way possible, the amount of levels, smooth gameplay and a moderate learning curve are the main pillars that will let you enjoy this game for weeks.

And the wonderful thing is that this free bubble pop game will run on all Android and iOS devices as well as your PC or Mac. You don't need to download the game and it will run on basically any smartphone and tablet without the need for a high-end device.

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