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Bubble Spirit


Bubble Spirit is one of the very modern variations of classic Bubble Shooter goodness. In fact it so modern and stat-of-the-art that we might just call it THE Bubble Shooter 2017.

It is just as challenging as the other games here, but you will certainly have some fun blowing up complete clusters or lines of bubbles with a power-up regularly.

Bubble Action for Android and iOS devices

And the bigger clusters you remove, the more power-ups you will get. You can explode full horizontal or vertical lines with one blow and earn maximum points. It’s the perfect bubble shooter for women and men as well as kids and adults. It favours action before complexity, which makes it very accessible and one of the most loved games on this list overall. Gameplay is as simple as it is challenging: you have to shoot bubbles onto the playing field. Ideally the bubbles you shoot have the same color as those you're shooting them at. That's the goal of the game after all. You can play this game strategically, because not only is it much more satisfying to remove a big cluster at once, it will also reward you with more points and power-ups.

Bubble Shooter 2017 portrait Bubble Shooter 2017 portrait

This is one of the best Bubble Shooters 2017 because it combines a really smooth gameplay with extraordinary level design and powerful special bubbles that will help you a great deal to achieve the level goals.

What's wonderful about this game the others on this list in general is that you can play for hours at a stretch or just for 5 minutes. You will always get maximum entertainment for the time you play. It's just perfect to be played at the bus stop, when you're waiting in line, in your lunch break or at home on your couch.

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You can download the app Bubble Spirit free for your Android smartphone or tablet. Or just play this game immediately on your smartphone, tablet and PC right here in your browser.

No matter where you decide to play, it is one of the best games currently available and will entertain you with its addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics and challenging levels. And of course it is completely free. Just like all games on this Top 10 list.

Bubble Spirit is colorful, challenging and a fantastic means to kill time or just have a little casual gaming fun when you feel like it. For everyone who likes these level based games that come with a great variety of tasks and goals, there is at least one other fantastic game on this list. Go and check out Candy Bubble.


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