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Everybody loves Unicorns! And this game has a fluffy cute little unicorn as the main character which naturally means this free Bubble Shooter App or play it directly in your browser. for Android is a pleasure to look at!

Bubbles and Unicorns

But as usual it’s not (only) about the looks, but what’s inside. And Bubble Gems for Android is one of those games with a lot of content. In each level your goal is not only to match 3 or more bubbles in order to remove them, but to collect all the gems on the field. It is easy at first, but just like real life it gets harder if you want to earn the big bucks. There are certain bubbles you simply can’t remove by matching them, so you will have to think outside the box and find another way to get rid of them.

In this Top 10 bubble shooter app you have 106 shiny jewels to collect overall and it will take skill and a little planning to achieve the ultimate goal. Actually don't be fooled by the super cute Unicorn. This game is challenging and in higher levels will require mastery of the bubble shooting arts.

Bubble Shooter App portrait Bubble Shooter App portrait

Download for your Android Device

If you want to experience this beautiful bubble shooter app by yourself, you can download it free in the Google Play Store for your Android smartphone. Or play the online version right here in your browser.

There are lots of bubble shooters for the web and in the app stores, but how many do you know with Unicorns AND Jewels? None! That's how many! This is why this is a unique game with lots of charm, a cuteness overload and above all a wonderful gameplay mechanic with enough replay value to keep you entertained for a long period of time.

As most other high quality bubble shooter apps and online games this game mainly draws you in with a smooth gameplay that just feels right. You have full control over your bubbles and can place them accurately on the field. After all a game is not worth much if the core gameplay mechanic is not working properly.

But here the gameplay is flawless and very rewarding. That's why this free bubble shooter app has earned its place among the 10 best games.

Another very cute game in our Top 10 list is Kitty Bubbles. Instead of a tiny unicorn it features a fluffy kitty, as you might have guessed by the name. It's a classic high score game with a different style of gameplay. Check it out.


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